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2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L – Review

Guys often Ottoline I’m what it’s a really show you 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L, this vehicles got a 3.5 liter V6 motor getting over 23 miles per gallon, highway which is pretty good considering how big this vehicle is. We’ve… Continue Reading →

2010 Hyundai Accent hatchback review

This is my high end a accent some 2010 I’m pretty slick little beat up a bit had this car. Since own 9 But it’s a few things I’ve done to it. Got a cool I painted the give grill… Continue Reading →

Car Headlights

Headlights arches functional they’re often the first design feature that catches the eye of a potential buyer unlike the metal and glass versions of the past today’s headlights are made of durable plastics that can be creatively molded into a… Continue Reading →

The secondary retarder.

In trucks and buses weighing over 20 tons, weight of transmission parts can reach 5% of the total vehicle. These components have a huge inertia during operation, which under certain conditions causes the need to slow transmission of a special… Continue Reading →

Continuous injection control.

The new development of engineers at Delphi is unit injector with feedback. The design basis is further integrated into the nozzle body wire and the needle, in turn, acts as the “electric switch”. The current flowing through the sprayer needle… Continue Reading →

Scooters and mopeds of Chinese manufacturers.

Let’s review mopeds and scooters in China. It so happened that for a long time, the Chinese goods were considered very cheap, that’s why it was affordable, but made respectively from cheap low-quality material without observing technologies. Last time, the… Continue Reading →

Signs of shock absorbers damage and springs deterioration causes

Inattention of the car owner of to this auto parts can be a cause of serious defects in the management. In addition, the security level is sharply reduced, but increases the risk of skidding. Complete vehicle diagnosis at the service… Continue Reading →

How to prolong the service-life of the fuel pump

Every experienced car lover will tell you that the fuel pump is one most necessary and essential components of the engine that provides as much fuel as your car needs. There are two major types of pumps: electrical and mechanical…. Continue Reading →

Toyota is preparing to reduce the prices of spare parts

Toyota is preparing to reduce the prices of spare parts Japanese auto manufacturer is planning to reduce the prices of spare parts by an average of 20% next year. Therefore, Toyota will fight against the grey sellers. According to preliminary… Continue Reading →

Volvo Car spare parts are a guarantee of security

Volvo Car spare parts are a guarantee of security Each country-automaker has its own traditions. Japanese cars are famous for cutting-edge and high-tech, the USA ones has traditionally been associated with prestige, German – with the reliability and Swedish –… Continue Reading →

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